Hello everyone, my name is Ian Simpson and I’m a web developer/travel nut from Ireland. I hope you’re having a good day and that my website find you in good health and spirit. 4PennyHotel a mix between a personal blog, a travel blog and a website aimed at giving people advice about how to book cheap hotels on their travels. Traveling is my first passion, next to web development, which is my day job. I have traveled all over the world. In doing so I’ve learned a trick or two about travel, and how to book cheap hotels. My aim is to talk that that and anything else that pop into my head.

After finishing college, which was 8 years ago now (my God how time flies) I got a job. Then I got another job and another job, and the third one sticked. After a few years on the job and vacations that I spent visiting all the beautiful sights that Ireland has to offer itchy feet got to me and I decided it’s time to travel around with my off road electric skateboard.

It seems that I have painted a picture of myself as a guy that only does web dev and travel. That is of course not the true. I am also active in sports and various tech gadgets. Interest in tech is sort of a byproduct of my job. Sports I’m not particularly huge fan on, I mainly do it to stay fit. Sitting in front of the computer entire day can be taxing on the body, so I run, ride a bicycle and play basketball on a somewhat regular basis.

Sometimes I like to combine the two, tech and sport, by playing around with things like electric skateboards under 300, scooters and even a unicycle. To be fair though, I drove a unicycle only once, it was a loaner from a friend. While I’m traveling, I sometimes end up combining all my passions by playing around with tech gizmos and gadgets while traveling around. It’s one of my favorite things in the world.

Now back to the original reason why I’m writing this article, and why I’ve setup this website in general. I wanted to share with the world my experience with the world of travel. More precisely I wanted to lift this myth that you need loads of money in order to travel and see the world.

Starting off with the biggest expense that many people complain about, the accommodation. Hotels can be expensive, but there are ways how you can minimize the cost of staying in hotels. Most obvious one would be that you avoid hotels altogether. I always liked staying in hotels, since it’s what I did with my parents when I was little, so I have this tendency to still go to a hotel when traveling, even though it’s not a cool thing nowadays.

What most people do when traveling is they make a booking on websites like Airbnb, Booking.com, or some other similar website. Others which are on even tighter budgets will look into motels or hostels. I discovered that there are ways how you can stay on a tight budget and still enjoy in hotel rooms. I won’t bore you with listing them all in this introductory text, but make sure to checkout my blog for new posts where I’ll be posting my methods.

Some of you might be wondering why would I put the extra effort using hotel rooms. There are aforementioned methods for keeping costs down when traveling. Reason for it is that I feel hotel rooms offer a more fuller service than private accommodation (as in Airbnb) does. I used Booking.com before, and I have to say that booking rooms that way was a bit of a hit and miss. Sometimes you end up finding a good room, with excellent people as hosts. Other times I had cold and distant hosts, which treated me as nothing more than a payday. Something like this can still happen in hotels, but it is far less likely, since they are more professional in their dealing with guests.

Transportation is the next big issue for anyone that wants to travel the world. I’m not sure why, because there are many different ways to travel cheaply. I personally love traveling by train to wherever it is that I’m trying to visit. So far I’ve only visited countries in Europe, seeing how I’m from Ireland, so rail connectivity is rather good. When traveling with train, I get to see more of the country and there’s also the added bonus of train travel not being overly harmful for the environment.

I will try to post frequently on my blog, so make sure that you are subscribed. I’m rather busy with several projects at the moment, but my schedule should clear up in a month or so. Then you’ll see a whole barrage of post regarding how to get cheap hotels. It will primarily be for Ireland and the UK in general at first, after which I’m going global. Cheap hotels are not a myth and in this age of alternative accommodation during travel, hotels have been neglected for far too long. I’m on a mission to bring them back into style, and on the cheap. I will leave you with this video made by Adam Conover from College Humor, if you’ve heard of him, where he talks about some of the negative sides of booking sites that I mentioned in this text. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, there are downsides for both the hosts and the guests. Cheers.