Advantages of smaller hotels and how to save money by using them

What I’m going to be talking about today is pretty obvious and self-evident. Still, people seem to think that when you’re choosing hotels as accommodation, that you need to book expensive hotels like the Hilton. There are plenty of smaller, cheaper hotels to choose from. In fact there are advantages in choosing these alternative hotels. Let’s dig in and see what these advantages are exactly.

Advantages of smaller hotels

When traveling I always prefer smaller, family run hotels. There are a couple of reasons why that is the case.

They are cheaper – first let’s cover the most obvious reason, they are usually cheaper. Luxury brand name hotels charge a hefty premium for their rooms, but smaller mom&pops type of hotels can be book for just a fraction of the price.

“Like at home” feeling – this is something that’s subjective, but I feel that smaller hotels have a more “just like home” feeling. I’ve stayed at larger hotels for business and they tend to feel plastic. At small time hotels I feel like I’m at home, especially if they are located in rural areas.

More personal relationship with hosts – again this could be just me, but one of the differences that I noticed between larger and smaller hotels is that I tend to form more personal bond with hosts at smaller hotels during stays. I get to be more open and I don’t feel as though having me as a guest is a job to the host. I like that feeling.

Less crowded – everyone wants to stay at brand name hotels, so there is a going to be lots of people there. I don’t think anyone like crowds, so it makes sense to use small hotels, where there’s usually a smaller number of guests.

Let me know what kind of things you love about small hotels besides the ones I posted above in the comment section down below.