Book cheap hotels by buying reservations

Here is hopefully a first tip in a long line of tips on how to book cheap hotels when traveling. The way that this trick works is by buying other peoples reservations. It might not always work, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Key actor in this story is a website called On this website you can find hotel reservations on sale from travelers who made the reservations but ended up not needing them (wedding was canceled) without being able to cancel the reservation and getting a refund. Some hotels can be dicks and not allow the guest to get their money back for a canceled reservation.

At that point, the traveler that has a reservation that it can’t get rid of opens up and puts it up for sale to other people. It will offer the reservation at a REDUCED PRICE. This is where you come into play. If you need to go to this destination, during the reservation period, snag it at a huge discount and your done.

Drawback is that you need to find someone who has a reservation on sale for the time period that you need it. This won’t happen every time. Alternatively, this is a great way how to find destinations for travel when you don’t know where to go, just pick the one with cheap reservation on sale. Let me know what you think about this trick in the comment section down below.